Makeup While Masking from an Immunocompromised individual

Tips and tricks on wearing masks and using makeup. Please follow all WHO & CDC recommendations for masking. 

I'm an immunocompromised person who has been wearing masks for years and I wanted to share some experienced tips to see if it helps anyone. 

Using Jeffree Star Bloodlust pallet

Revlon foundation 

Mac setting spray

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  • Pauline

    This video was helpful for the masking days. Helpful hints and liked the spray method tip as well. I like the eye color to match the mask and outfit used in this video review. Hope to see others join in for more of these video in future in explore page. Want to try this too.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great review! I never thought of doing this. I usually match my makeup to my clothes but it is so cute how you matched yours to your mask. Never thought of that because I just started wearing masks these past months.

  • sally peabody

    That was so much fun ! Excellent idea behind this post. It is obvious that you are comfortable wearing a mask and I do hope that your heath remains as beautiful as it is here. I have a very difficult time wearing a mask I feel like I can not breath. This post helps me move beyond that. Seriously it is in my mind I know but still.... now I can just tune into you. Love that you match your makeup color to the mask. You even teamed up with Jeffree to "star" in this with ..This was very good Thank you !!!

  • Maggie

    so good!

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