Fanny Pack Essential 4: Malin + Goetz - Recovery Treatment Oil

Malin + Goetz - Recovery Treatment Oil

This Recovery Treatment Oil is a must have in your skincare routine!

It's blend of primrose, argan, and jojoba oils will keep your skin hydrated throughout the entire day.

You can use this as a base layer before applying your mosturizer or as your sole purpose moisturizer if you prefer!

Not only is it great for hydration but also anti aging and it even smells AMAZING as well!

Be sure to click that "I Wanna Try" button to get yours today and let me know in the comments some of you favorite serums and moisturizers!


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  • Amanda Lingle

    My daughter gets super dry patches on her skin and so im needing a good product to help reduce those spots for her. She doesnt like the patches especially if she is wearing foundation. You can see them usually under the foundation. I think this would work great for her for before she applies her makeup.