Marc Jacobs Eye-conic: 6 Palettes, 6 Looks.

The Marc Jacobs Eye-conic palette can be quite an investment, so I’m to show you a look for each 6 of the palettes I own to give you an idea of what’s worth buying! I also wanted to use this chance to test out the Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer and several of the Marc Jacobs eye brushes. 
💕Provacouture - Pink/Purple - This palette performed very well, the shades I used are all extremely pigmented and easy to blend with the primer underneath
✨Glambition - Neutral/Bronze - This is your curated everyday neutral palette, with a wide range of browns and a stunning pop of gold.
💟Frivoluxe - Purple - The vibrant purple shade was a bit difficult to blend, but eventually cooperated. This one was not my favorite. 
✅Edgitorial - Green/Neutral - I thought this would be one of my favorites, but it was a struggle. The deep mossy green would NOT blend on my bare lids, it was so difficult I had to remove it and reapply it with primer. I kept this look really simple
💎Smartorial - Blue/Gold - The silver shade is a lot more foiled with a wet brush, which goes for all the metallic shades. The cobalt blue blended on the lower lash line did not disappoint. 
🌹Scandalust - Rose/Neutral - This was my favourite. The rose and warm tones are versatile and all the shades performed well. I created a rosy metallic eye look using almost all the shadows in the palette.

😎I hope this video helps you decide whether you want to invest in these sleek and colorful eyeshadow palette. If you already own one of these, which one are you looking to try out next??

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