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martian martian beam me up!!!

Color Club - Martian, Martian, Martian Nail Lacquor 

this nail polish is described as a more sage type of color but to me it looks a bit more like a deep kind of mint color definitely still a very pretty color - container is a clear squarish glass jar with a long white cylindrical lid - with that said this would be perfect for traveling as the container itself isnt too chunky and the glass is thick  so even though i dropped these a few times they still  held really well without chipping

so far even with the first application i found this to be a little runny but not too much so in the pictures i posted that was with one coat ive learned with this brand you can just have a little extra of the polish on your brush and the color stays pretty thick so you dont have to apply another coat not gonna lie it really impresses me time and time again that this solid color doesnt need multiple layers to get it! 

now smell wise its exactly the same as most polishes but it doesnt linger so i cant say it affected my experience - this dried pretty quickly i would say maybe about 4 to 5 minutes - i generally would still suggest a top coat though not that it didnt hold up for a few days but in general im really rough on my hands especially if im training so a clear topcoat really kind of just sets it a bit longer so you can keep a pretty flawless look without chipping for an extra few days!

overall I really liked this color definitely worth the investment and its really not that expensive at all considering ive spent a lot more for a polish that i wont name the was definitely not worth it. i would definitely buy this again!

what do you think? would you join the color club? did you like my review? if you did smash that heart and that smiley face! or you can always follow me on my wonderful makeup and skincare journey!!!!

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