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Mask Wednesday - New Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask Review!

Happy Mask Wednesday! Tatcha is a luxurious brand that I don't get to talk about very much here - their products are on the pricier side, but I'm not afraid to splurge if the product is worth it! 
⭐Tatcha is based on Japanese time-tested beauty secrets of the geishas - their skincare philosophy is "less is more". Their beauty secrets were based on for generations, and Tatcha is inspired by a 200 year manuscript devoted to beauty and elegance in both appearance and spirit. 
⭐I love that they focus on tried and true tested ingredients - they focus on keeping the ingredients as true as possible by carefully selecting and handled safe and gently for maximum effectiveness! They focus on 3 anti-aging superfoods in their products - green tea, rice, and algae. I love the story and focus behind this brand! I find they always have sleek packaging as well! 
🤑 $79.00 CAN $68 USD (sample size pictured). A creamy anti-aging mask—packed with Japanese beautyberry, two types of vitamin C, and AHAs from seven fruits—that unveils softer, glowing skin.
✅This mask is a wash-off type mask that focuses on dullness, texture, uneven skin tone, dark spots and fine lines.It is supposed to make skin bright and youthful. Dull, uneven skin tone and red spots are always my biggest skin concerns and lately on my cheeks I have been having a little extra texture as well. So, this mask sound like everything my skin needs! 
👍This mask is pretty easy to use: wash face, apply a generous, even layer of the mask to the face, wear for 15-20 minutes, rinse off and complete skincare routine.
👎I love that this mask is purple! It's so pretty! It also has a really fresh scent! But, that's pretty much where the benefits ended for me. This felt fine on the skin and took a few times to rinse off. This just did not work for my skin - it's supposed to be brightening and brighten skin. It made the redness on my cheeks and nose really prominent and to be blunt, my skin looked worse after using this! To top it off my skin was drier. 
I was so bummed this didn't work for me - the reviews were so promising! It must just be my skin type that wasn't great for this. I'm glad I had a sample to try of this.
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