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Masquerade of Face Masks

I received 5 of these masks in my PrismPop testers bag. Needless to say the last 5 days have been filled with a face mask masquerade and I truly feel pampered. My skin feels so soft and plump after this marathon of masks. * I started out day one using the Olive Face mask. The Olive Mask is meant to be moisturizing, and I found it to be very moisturizing to my skin. * I used the Calendula mask on day 2. This is meant to be a soothing mask. I decided to use this mask after a chemical peel to see if it could soothe my red irritated skin. The mask did soothe the redness and made my skin feel less irritated. The difference was very noticeable. * Day 3 I used the Red Ginseng mask which is meant to be a firming mask. This was the one mask that I noticed very little results from. However it was only used ounce ad measuring firmness is not the easiest thing to do. I have little to no sagging so this may also be why I noticed no difference. * Day 4 I used The Potato mask which is another mask meant for soothing. I used this after dermaplanning and noticed it did diminish redness and soothed my skin irritated skin. * Day 5 I used the Bamboo mask which is meant to moisturize. I found this mask smelled lie the bamboo cream made by Amore Pacific a very prestigious brand that I personally love. This mask left my skin feeling hydrated and plump and gave me the biggest noticeable difference. The Bamboo mask was probably my favorite out of all the mask. Overall I found these mask to do what they are meant to do, they stayed on the face well, had been drenched with skin loving goodness with adequate enough left in pouch to put on neck decolletage and back of hands. I experienced no, adverse reaction to any of the masks and found them to be gentle enough for my sometimes sensitive skin. Overall I am very pleased and will purchase these mask and recommend to anyone looking for a good affordable face mask.

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