Matte Sun Protection With Innis Free No Sebum Sunscreen SPF 35

Hi everyone, it’s Hieu!
Today I’m going to be showing you guys my daily sunscreen that I have been loyal to for years, The Innis Free Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum.
πŸ–Œ Application: Feels like a medium thickness cream. Has a mattifying effect and evens out skin tone.
βž•πŸ’¦ Not good for applying directly on dry skin, I use moisturizer under.
πŸ‘» Leaves a slight white cast so it’s useful if you want to be a tad bit lighter, just remember to apply to your neck as well.
🌸 Very light floral scent.
πŸ’­ Final Thought: I love how this keeps my face less oily throughout the day. I find it to be a really good base and I normally wear this for really light coverage instead of foundation.
πŸ€” Would you try this?
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  • Pauline

    Matte Sun Protection with daily UV cream is truly wonderful product. Would want to try this sunscreen SPF 35.

  • Anna hudson

    What is subem? You have beautiful complexion, either you have good genes or you take care of your skin,I like there's 35 SPF in it.

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