Mattifying Primer by Peter Thomas Roth | Foundation Routine Step 1

Hey guys it’s Martine! This is my first video on Prismpop!!!
I’m going through my whole foundation routine starting with my favorite primer by Peter Thomas Roth - the Skin To Die For Mattifying Primer
Don’t miss my next video where I show you how I use two different products to color correct & conceal my undereyes! 👀 (coming soon!)
So, about this well-loved primer…
☺️ Skin to Die For has a texture kind of like peanut butter - which is so surprisingly satisfying to get to put all over your face every day! I don’t know why… 😂
The color is mostly clear but there is a little tint to it so if I wanted to do a barely bare-faced day, I could stop right here for a nice mattifying effect that’s not too much, not too little 👌
☺️ I use my fingers to apply because I feel like it brings me closer to my makeup!! Anybody agree?? 😛
✨ Results: My face is not too shiny, the color is evened out a bit, and
I’m ready for the next step of my foundation routine using ELF Color Correcting product and the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for my undereyes!
💭 Final Thoughts: You can already tell I love this product because it’s ALMOST GONE!! Which is fine because I know how to roll it up like a tube of toothpaste 🤣
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