Maxius Hair Unboxing!


Believe it or not, this is actually the first ever unboxing I’ve filmed with hair products--and that too, so many! This is a full set of hair products + tools from Maxius Beauty that I was gifted. I’m going to be using these starting today for the next few days and sharing results on Instagram.. Anyhow, here the products are in order!


Medium Oval Brush Set: perfect or normal hair types and includes one medium and one travel size brush.

Beyond Straight: a humidity resistant, temporary straightener with wheat protein and thermal protection.

The END: puts a micro layer of virtually weightless protection on the hair creating an extraordinary shine. 

Moisturizing Shampoo:  Quench thirsty dry or color-treated hair with this ultra-gentle, sulfate-free, vegan  shampoo. 

Moisturizing Conditioner: Quench thirsty, dry or color-treated hair with this luxurious conditioner. A multitude of deep penetrating peptides strengthen the hair shaft, replenishing the appearance of youthful hair. 

HairSPLAY: A dry, workable, shaping spray that contains environmentally friendly and advanced ingredients like Rosemary and Sage extracts to promote healthy hair. Ginseng extract adds lasting support. 

MultiMax Mousse: Multiple Use, touchable non sticky mousse. GREAT hold and body for blow drying. 

MaxiGlide RP: the worlds first multi-patented straightener and styler with steam-burst technology along with multiple rows of retractable pins to detangle and straighten in one easy step.

SafeCurl Curling Wand: A safe way to have beautiful curls. The SafeCurl curling wand creates stunning curls while reducing accidental burns to your skin. 


Hope you guys enjoyed unboxing this super cool, innovative set of hair products with me! 




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