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Maybellene blush

This maybellene blush is really good it works as a blush or highlighter and even a light color eyeshadow. 

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    Girl I just wanted to add that this is an eyeshadow not a blush! Lol 😂 but also just a hint to add the shade name(s) next time! 💗 much love and I followed you!


    You forgot to put the shade name down girlie!! Anyways, I have an old Loreal shade called “Gilded Bronze” and I have kept it since I was 14 years old because they don’t make it anymore! It’s a beautiful gold and it stays on all day without budging!

  • Sarah

    I really like the color! I personally think I would like to try as a highlighter. Can you post some pictures as to how it looks on?