My favorite Concealer by Maybelline bye dark circles!!

Hi everyone! Mary Kate here with another review on PrismPop!!!
I am going to be showing you my favorite concealer, Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer by Maybelline in Fair. Here are my thoughts and experience:
✨This is my favorite concealer!! It absolutely covers dark circles and blemishes without looking heavy or cakey!
🖌The application is so easy because it's in the packaging - you just twist and dab!
💭Overall: I can't recommend this concealer enough. It's my fave and it's a great buy!
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  • Sary

    I'm pretty sure I was just born with dark circles under my eyes, because I have been trying to find a non-phony looking way to cover them up forever! I'm going to have to try this, stat! Thank you for the video!

  • Jacque

    That sounds like I would like this I am going to have to try it soon I like that you can get it at target and other stores to

  • April

    Second video I have seen so far recommending this product. I can't wait to buy it. Nice review!

  • Terra

    I need this!

  • Tina rose

    Iv got to try this out

  • Ja-Nee

    Awesome review!! I love this concealer. It works very well. I love the texture and the package.

  • Amanda

    I just ordered a Maybellene concealer, can't wait to try it out! Great Review!👍

  • Cynthia

    Great review! I'm reminded of my favorite concealer from the 80s, made by Max Factor and no longer available. This is going on my list for the next drugstore makeup sale.

  • Melissa Griffith

    I use Tatcha's Pearl in light under my eyes, along with my Jeffree Star Concealer to brighten my under eye, get rid of dark circles and fake a full night of sleep.

  • Ashley Hunt

    To combat dark circles I use Cerave Under eye gel for dark circles!

  • Yenifer Schalk

    To combat dark under eye circles, I use matcha green tea eye masks.

  • Kristy L

    I've had really good luck with the Age Rewind. I use it every day, but also layer on a product with a more pinkish tone (my circles are bad)!

  • Naf

    To combat dullness/dark circles, I make sure to drink enough water, eat food consisting of proteins and make sure to sleep enough. For other skin-related problems such as dryness, I make sure to hydrate and use lotion every day.

  • Tia kitchens

    Maybelline has some great concealer I love to use eye mask that have been stored in the fridge, a good moisturizer, Jade roller and I use concealer to brighten.

  • Albelis

    Se ve interesante el producto, quizás me lo compre y estaré probando, porque tengo unas ojeras terribles.

  • Dorothy schmidt

    I like to use the milk makeup cooling water stick and concealer for my dark circles

  • Emma

    I cover dark circles with concealer, but I like a good eye cream as well.

  • Hannah Mullen

    I need this for my skin!! the air can dry out my skin like crazy!!

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