Mazaam Beauty Lip Sugar Scrub

I always love a good lip scrub! This beauty is from a brand named (Mazaam Beauty: you can find them on instagram and amazon) 

Mazaam Beauty came out with a 100% vegan lip scrub in the flavor Icy Mint and it's filled with so much goodness ranging from mint, vitamin e, shea butter, and coconut butter! 

This lip scrub is super gentle and exfoliates my lips to remove the stubborn dry skin and it also helps to remove any stubborn lipstick! It has been helping me to reveal healthier skin on my lips vs always having them so dry due to the cold weather. My lips have never felt smoother! 

I love the scent... it smells amazing! And if you happen to have some product left on your lips after exfoliating, not to worry it doesn't taste bad either! This beauty is so affordable! It's literally less than 10 dollars so it's definitely worth a try! Plus the color is just so vibrant, and the packaging is glass so it makes it totally worth a try! 

Do you use lip scrubs in your skincare routine? 

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  • Kelly K

    I haven't used a lip scrub in a while. This one sounds amazing and affordable so thanks so much for sharing. I'll have to check this out too.

  • Sabrina

    I would like to try something like that, since it's vegan but also not expensive. I could use it for all those reasons. 💜