Mean Jolene - bold blue lip color that lasts all day 💙

The Moreau Regime website claims that Mean Jolene is one of the bolder colors in the collection. She’s tough, she’s brave, she’s here! Make a statement with Mean Jolene wherever you go!
Long wear, highly pigmented, creamy liquid lipstick dries down to matte finish but will not dry out your lips!
💕This IS a very bold color. It lasted hours without coming off and was even a bit difficult to get off with my makeup remover wipes. It doesn’t dry out but it’s a little sticky.
🙂 It might be a bit too bold for my everyday wear but I like the color and the way it lasts and lasts.
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  • sally peabody

    Whoa....that is some bad ass lip color and the name just shouts wild woman ! Now I could not wear that color . My daughter would lock me up somewhere but she would wear it. Anyway it looks great on you ! I did check and they have other shades with cool names that I would love to wear. Very nice review and keep walking on that wild side it suits you !!

  • Eileen Knowles

    I would love to rock blue lips 💙💙

  • Nicole Dey

    I love this color and I have a similar shade in a different brand. I always use a lipliner with my lipsticks but I have a small problem. I can't seem to find a matching lipliner for any shades of blue. Any suggestions are very welcome.

  • Darlene

    I adore bold lipsticks and this one is so stunning! I know you said it was hard to get off, but did you happen to notice any transfer while eating or drinking?

  • Amanda Lingle

    That color is out of my comfort zone. I usually go for light peach to light pink shades. But this went on you amazingly nice. Maybe I could try it for a night out. I know my daughter would go nuts over this color for her comic con conventions.. I may just have to spring and get it for her.

  • Sarah

    I am very interested in this color I'm definitely going to order this

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