Look prismpop tester bag melanie mills hollywood
Look prismpop tester bag swatches

Melanie Mills Highlighter Tester Bag Swatches

Hello my Beautiful Prismpoppers!
I was selected as a Tester for PrismPop's Melanie Mills Hollywood Face and Body Highlighter and I have got to say I have been loving them!

Cute and Compact. They are really small but pack big color.

None, which is perfect for those fragrance free consumers!

Very afforadable. Great for the beauties who live paycheck to paycheck and wants to splurge on herself every once in awhile. For a 3 in 1 product and a full body product; the price is something you can't beat! (Moisturizer, Primer, Highlighter)

Ease of Use:
Very easy and simple to use. Perfect for a beginner or an advanced artist as it is easy to blend with your fingers. Just pat the product onto the spots you want with your finger and done!

I thought that this product would have been like the TOSC The Eyes Have It Shadow Pots in my last bag (which creased significantly) but it didn't. This is a cream formula so I was very suprised. I didn't notice any creasing with these and they come so beautifully pigmented. The color in the pot is a little different after blending but that just means (to me) it has some amazing pigment. I used my highlighters for my eyeshadow, nose and cheek highlight.

Looking to do another look with a full face so stay tuned guys!

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  • Kelly K

    I was lucky enough to get this too! I love it so much that I ended up buying a bag for my daughter so that she could have her own set. I love how you can use it for so many different things. I used them as eyeshadow topper, in top of my lip color, on my checks, in my shoulders, across my chest, mixed into my foundation. The possibilities are endless!

  • Jennifer Saul

    Great unique review. Very creative makes me want to buy them.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Love these and all the colors too. Great review.

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    So shimmery, I love it!

  • Micheala

    would love to try thanks

  • Dana Fredrickson

    Great Review & I love the way you applied it to your arm to show the difference in colors. Great Review & I'd love to have these!💜

  • Micheala

    this stuff looks awesome. i love the different shades. I wish I had won this. Awesome review. thanks

  • Sheryl Stephan

    Very good description! The colors look amazing! I love how you can just take your finger and pat it onto your skin. So simple.

  • Maritza

    Wow 🤩 obsessed so pigmented

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