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Melanie Mills Hollywood Highlighters Experience!

Prismpop sent me these 6 highlighters in the mail to try and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Whenever I wear a liquid or gel highlighter I regret it as soon as it touches my skin, but not this one. There's no glitter so it's age-appropriate and easy to apply. I've even used them as eye shadows. I've also applied to the chest. I am now working these into my everyday makeup routine and highly recommend them. 

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  • Robin Bell

    I love your swatches what absolutely beautiful colors I have got to pick up some of these

  • Micheala

    i like the shimmer effect. looks really cool. thanks for the great review

  • Kelly K

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I was also lucky enough to receive this and I couldn't be happier. They can be used anywhere on your face or body. Plus, they look stunning on any skin tone! I loved them so much that I bought another set (also so my 10 yr old could have her own.) They also don't transfer or stain which is a huge bonus. Thanks so much for sharing your review! Have a great day!

  • Julie

    Very Pretty!

  • Christy Lee

    Love these golden swatches!

  • Kelly K

    I read down below that you had made a video but were having trouble getting it to submit. I had problems too. I spent 5-7 hrs 5 days writing a review for this and every time I went to submit it, the screen would go blank and I would lose everything!!! So frustrating and upsetting so I know how you feel about not getting your video to work. Anyway, still a good review! Keep posting and submitting your reviews. Also, could you please do me a favor and follow me back please? That would be great! Thanks.

  • Corissa Reviews

    I love the versatility of these pods! They have so many uses and I too was loving the shimmer without the glitter!

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Very shimmery!

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Ty for posting...I wish some more deetz

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