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Melanie Mills Hollywood Tester Bag

Hello all! 

First I would love to thank PrismPop for the opportunity to try these beautiful, decadent products. These reviews are based on my experience with the Gleam Body Radiance Sexy Samples.

In order of appearance:

  1. 💥Disco Gold
  2. 💥Opalescent
  3. 💥Rose Gold
  4. 💥Peach Deluxe
  5. 💥Deep Gold

Disco Gold lives true to its name.  It is a beautiful, bright and vibrant color. For my skin color, it was too much for my cheeks, but looked very nice right on my eyelids. For all colors tested on my eyelids, I used primer and setting powder. It is perfect for a night out when used in conjunction with nude lipstick and bold mascara.

Opalescent worked wonderfully for me as a basic highlighter. It was BLINDING. I preferred it to my regular go-to highlighter, so I will be purchasing this!

Rose Gold is brilliant. When used sparingly, gave a beautiful glowing hue to my cheeks. I used it at the upper portion. It worked like a glowing bronzer. For some reason on my eyelids, it leaked off. But this is going to be a staple and I will purchase when I run out of bronzer.

Peach deluxe also worked beautifully as a highlighter. It can be low-key bronzing if you're fair enough. Not as deep as Rose Gold, but not as light as Opalescent. Still stunning though. 

Deep Gold I saved for last because I am in L-O-V-E. Way too pigmented for my face, BUT it looked STUNNING on my lids! Ladies and gents, I'm sure you can tell the rich pigment by my swatches. I believe for deeper skin lovelies, it may make a stunning highlighter. I sent a picture to a deep skinned beauty of mine, and she is anxious to try it this weekend. I am going to see if I can still post a review this weekend and show a picture of her wearing it. 

These creams are so buttery and feel light as air on the skin. If anyone is curious, I highly suggest you try your favorite to see what you think. I am so grateful for the opportunity and hope this helps. 



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  • Kelly K

    I actually love this bag more than I thought I would! I mix these in everything! I got some on top of my eyeshadow, some on my chest and shoulders, mix it in with my foundation, mix it in with my lipstick! The possibilities are endless! I actually even went and got another set for my daughter so she could have her own.