Mellow Liquid Eyeliner Review with Mary Kate

Hi everyone! Mary Kate here back with another makeup review!

I am going to be showing you a new eyeliner I'm using, Mellow Eyeliner in black. Here are my thoughts and experience:
✨This is a great liner. It stays put pretty well and doesn't smudge all over my eyelids throughout the day!
🖌The application is so easy because of the marker tip! I love a liner like that.
💭Overall: love it and would recommend! 
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  • Valerie Reeves

    I would definitely like to try this...eyeliner is my favorite makeup to use if I just want to look different for the day or make my eyes pop...this definitely made your eyes pop😀

  • Misty

    I have never been a fan of these particular applicators. I shake so much trying to upper kid lol I have never had success. You ladies make it all look so simple! Love these videos and love this site!

  • haku izunami

    not gonna lie ive never tried this product but just based on your experience I really want to try it! especially if it doesnt smudge. do you happen to know if it lasts well even while exercising or sweating a lot?

  • Sary

    First and foremost, that eyeliner looks ah-mazing on you, and I may or may not be a tiny bit jealous. I have been defeated by every liquid eyeliner I have ever tried, without fail. I can't recall if I've ever tried a marker tip like that one, but it looks so great and easy to do that I am going to have to find some. Generally I wear whatever waterproof mechanical eyeliner I can find, as I can smudge away mistakes and still look super cute. I'm still hunting for the perfect eyeliner, because it is the one makeup item that I just can't live without.

  • Jacque

    I have never heard of this eyeliner it looks like it would be easy to use I like that it is a liquid pen those are the ones that I use alot

  • Angela Martin

    I like a waterproof, smudge proof eyeliner. I prefer the control of a liquid pen

  • Amanda Keedy

    I like it! I'll have to give it a try!! Very pretty!

  • Kimberly Self

    Good job with the wing tip! Great look on you girl.

  • Monique Roybal

    Love this! I have yet to use eyeliner that’s like a marker. Has to be way easier than the eyeliner I’m using now. I’m definitely going to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenn H

    I like a soft pencil or Kohl eyeliner.... though I’ve recently been trying out a liquid. I prefer the lines I get with a pencil but it might be due to more practice. I like a fairly simple look, with the top lid and waterline both in a darker shade.

  • Kathryn Janis

    I have tried to use liquid eyeliner and i just can't seem to use it right. You got it down girl.

  • katherine wu

    I love liquid eyeliner, it is a lot easier to apply in my opinion. I also think a winged eyeliner look is super pretty!

  • Ronalee Swanson

    I have true liquid but my hand doesn't seem steady enough. I do like how long it lasts on my eyes. I will continue to practice to see if I have better luck. Thank you for your review.

  • Brianna Newbould

    I’ve been nervous to try liquid! You make it look easy!

  • Lisa McHugh

    I am used to eyeliner in liquid form that really pops out at you and this does not but it is very pretty

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like both pencil and liquid liners. I use liquid on the lids and pencil to line the bottom of my eye. Avon has nice eyeliners and brow liners that I've used for years.

  • Shan Bushnell

    I will try one day I'm just afraid liquid will get messy

  • Arided

    I haven't herd of this brand but love dramatic looks, I feel like to make a makeup look pop you must have eyeliner

  • Mandie

    I've never heard of this brand, it looks amazing on you. I love how lined eyes look, I have tried pencils, gels, felt tip pens, liquid you name it I've tried it. I have hooded eyes and have to do my liner a certain way so that my eyes dont look like a raccoon lol. To get a sharp wing I normally use a felt tip pen or a skinny liquid with a brush to get that crisp sharp wing. On normal days, I just tight line with Kat von ds cake liner and line the top lid with her tattoo liner in trooper. It stays put and that is a plus since I have oily eye lids. This pencil is on my list now❤

  • Corissa Reviews

    I've never heard of this brand but I'm loving the look you achieved. I too love the marker/pen like too for application. I'm definitely gonna have to try this one and compare it to my current face the Kat Von D tattoo liner. It'd be great to have a few liners I like. Do you think this one would be good for a long cat/wing look? I like having a more dramatic eye on nights out so just curious of your thoughts.

  • SaratogaSue

    Simple is best!

  • Kristine Flaton

    I've tried all kinds of eyeliner and I always go back to simply using a tiny brush dipped in black or dark brown adds a softer drama to my eyes and doesn't dry out like liquid liners.

  • Michelle

    Looks easy but not for me😂 i have some liquid eyeliner top its just not easy with my shakey hands😉

  • Susan

    I prefer a pencil eyeliner. I find that most liquid eyeliners smudge very easily. This doesn't seem to be an issue with this one. Might have to give this one a try. Good review.

  • Drea Rahming

    I prefer liquid eyeliners its easier to apply for me and looking at this one. I want to try

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