Michael Kors Sexy Amber!

I am so excited, just received my Michael kors Sexy Amber eau de parfum set yesterday, I was so worried because I have never tested, I wanted it because my name is Amber (what a reason) also I am a Michael Kors fan as well, only have bought jewelery and purses.

Anyway, I got 1oz eau de parfum spray, .34oz eau de parfum rollerball roll on and 3.4oz Michael Kors silky body lotion which is not sexy Amber. I will explain:

I saw a few negative reviews about the lotion, maybe they didn't know what it was just as I didn't. The lotion has more of a light scent, the reason is it acts more as a base. You put it on, then roll or spray your perfume on top of the lotion and the lotion locks in the Sexy Amber or any MK fragrance, making the smell a bit stronger and last longer. I think this is a really neat concept, the first base lotion I have seen. It does feel silky smooth and absorbs quickly.

I could use this daily but it is a really good date night scent and I really feel like I am Sexy Amber!

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  • Amber Ziegler

    I absolutely love this scent also very sexy and sophisticated 💗

  • sally peabody

    I am a Michael Kors fan. I like everything about him. This is a super review because of the way you explain the lotion as a base not just an addition which very often makes the fragrance too strong. Interesting indeed and I love an amber type fragrance. Thank you !