Micheal kors wounderlust

So Michael Kors makes a lot of really great fragrances this one is wonderlust. When you first spray it it smells kind of like an old lady as perfume but once you get accustomed to it smells great. I really got a lot of compliments and how good I smell in the fragrance lasted a really long time which is one thing that I love about Michael Kors. Which means that they have great quality fragrances because the longer the fragrance last the better the quality. Overall this is a great product and you only need one Spritz for it to last almost all day long. I would highly recommend it.

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    I got this sample tooo

  • Amanda Lingle

    Michael Kors wounderlust does take a little getting use to. LOL the old lady smell is absolutely correct. But after a bit it does smell really good. I just also got this as a mini sample that I love cuz you can just pop it in your purse its so small it takes up no room. Thanks girlie.