Milk & Honey with my lotion,please and thank you!

Hey everyone it's Nicole back with another post! Today I got my 1oz tube of * Burts Bees body lotion * milk& honey 🍯 from you guessed I purchased this with free shipping for about $1.50, which is great for someone who just wants to check it out.

🌐About the product: I am so grateful for the Burts Bees skin care line. I'm also glad to nourish my skin with milk and honey . This product delivers up to 24 hours of moisturization And is dermatologist tested.It absorbs quickly and is a non-greasy formula

🎁The package:  I got my 1 oz squeeze tube with twist off cap. Yellow tube

📝Application: Simple squeeze desired amount of this light yellow, sweet smelling lotion into your hands and apply where you'd like. It really does smell like honey and it soothes me to the bone

🌿Top ingredients: water, beeswax, shea butter,sunflower seed oil

💵Talking money: About $11 for the 6oz

🤓💭My final thought: I really think this stuff is perfect for the body only. I think it makes my hands super moist and I like mine dry feeling lol. But the smell is amazing and I could smell it all day. I might get the big tube but I also might just keep exploring around. What's your favorite body lotion?? Comment below and don't forget tip hit those sweet buttons down there and show your girl some love!

Thank you for viewing! 

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  • Wade

    I love this stuff

  • Amanda Lingle

    Burts Bees does have some great products. I love the chapsticks and carry one in my car, purse and in my drawers. Everyone in my family loves these. The smell of this lotion is incredible just like their other products. I love that its natural ingredients which is a HUGE PLUS!

  • Samantha

    This is my go to lotion, great post

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