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Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer Review

🍃 Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer ($15 to $30) a new hydrating, makeup primer that contains hemp-derived cannabis seed extract that acts to hydrate and hold makeup in place. Aside from a source of hydration, cannabis seed extract doesn’t have any long term benefits.
None the less I decided to give this a try as it looks intriguing. They had me at hydration and not so much at “makeup gripping”. I mean, sure, it sounds great that it promises to extend the wear of my makeup but I was all about more hydration.
💧Texture - This is a thicker gel primer that absorbs easily without a sticky, tacky, or greasy feel. It leaves no shine or dewiness but does however, intensely hydrate skin. It just really, really adds a super layer of moisture to my skin as soon as I applied it which makes for way easier foundation and makeup application. My skin is so super smooth and soft after applying this.
💧Hydrating -  It contains some great hydrating ingredients such as aloe, water, and glycerin. However, some of the better ingredients like Niacinamide and the Hemp Seed Extra as well as Citric Acid are lower on the list which sort of stinks as you’re paying into a rather basically formulated hydrating primer since there are such a small amount of the promises “good” ingredients.
💧Scent - I did notice a very light fresh scent but it was barely noticeable.
💧Gripping & Wear - I had some skepticism about it holding or “gripping” makeup in place all day but turns out it does a fairly good job of providing a protective layer over skin for foundation to sit on. This allows makeup to last longer without fading because there’s such a good surface for it adhere to. My foundation looked so much fresher as the day progressed when I wore this primer.
It’s sad that Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer isn’t really formulated all that fabulously but it sure as hell performs pretty nice!
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