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Mission Complete Mild Scrub by Touch In Sol

Mission Complete Mild Scrub by Touch In Sol

           Touch in SOL’s New Mission Complete 

 🚀 What is this you ask is a peel or powder? It’s a black powder peeling gel.🚀

Do you love when skincare is fun ? Touch In Sol gently scrub is fun.  Touch In SOL's peel masks is unique and I'm about to tell you why. 

1️⃣You apply this mask on dry cleansed face. 
2️⃣Gently rub the mask around, you don't wanna rub hard lol

3️⃣If there is any product left or a light layer of dead skin left you can simply wipe off the excess

Touch In SOL recommens you Massage gently and watch the dead skin come off.  Then I gently washed  the remaining mask off my face. 
My face feels so soft I’m amazed how easy and effortless this is.  After using this Mission Complete mask use Touch In SOL's all in 1 beauty cream. 

Touch In Sol recommends using this product 1-2 times a week.

What do you use to exfoliate your face? 



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