Mission Impossible? Not with Mission Complete!

Black Charcoal Gel Mild Scrub A gentle exfoliating scrub that cleanses the surface of the skin, Mission Complete Mild Scrub & Peeling Black Gel Mask Super Exfoliators with Black Charcoal

Including black charcoal powder, purify pores and diminish dullness improving skin texture with micro-exfoliators. Sensitive skin is okay! Without irritated skin trouble, exfoliating and moisturizing mild and natural extracts remove dead skin for usage on all types of skin.

Main Ingredients

Black Charcoal, Green Tea, Lemon, Papaya & Blue Berry extract

After cleansing, apply to dry face and gently massage rolling overall face avoiding eyes and lips area. Rinse well with lukewarm water. 

Ins & outs: - Exfoliation through a mild scrub and papaya extract - Cleanses the skin and removes dead skin - Filled with antioxidants to protect the skin - Makes your skin flawless and glowy - Suitable for sensitive skin - Free from animal testing and microplastics.

Key ingredients:  Charcoal Tackles impurities and unclog pores as it extracts dirt out of the skin. Papaya extract A natural exfoliant with its enzym Papain. It separates dead skin and makes impurities dissapear. This ingredient is filled with Vitamin A and C, which both are antioxidants and protect your skin against free radicals. Purslane Soothes the skin and is known for its anti-aging effect due to the high dose of vitamin C. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Comes in a flip top tube, with a gritty texture and light scent. Left my skin soft and smooth with a slight glow! 

What types of charcoal products do you use? Toothpaste? Body Wash? What do you see as pros/cons?

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