Mkboo foot peeling mask

The mkboo foot peeling mask is an easy way to soften your feet. Two pairs come in one box for about five bucks. I love that this one is lavender scented. It's super easy to use you just wash and dryer feet, where the masks I put socks over them. Wait about an hour and then rinse off with water. The dead skin will start to peel off in about four days maybe seven but don't peel them just let it come off naturally it may take up to two weeks for your feet to finally get all the dead skin off but once they do your skin to be so soft and smooth just like a babies. The only warning is if your pregnant or nursing or diabetic don't use this or if you're allergic to the ingredients or have sensitive skin or have any Cuts or foot damage. Overall I really love this foot mask foot masks are like one of my favorite things to use.

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  • sally peabody

    I finally found a foot mask that actually worked. Clean Feet is an excellent product. It took 7 days to start peeling. I worked great. I wear them the same as you w/ socks. I left mine on for about 2 hrs I had no sensitivity issues. Next time I will try this one. Thank you for a great review. Yours is tried and tested so you have turned me on to a new product to try !

  • Sarah

    I've tried something very similar to this and loved it definitely interested in this

  • Amanda Lingle

    I love face masks after long stressful days. But i have never tried a foot mask. I get rough feet so Im thinking after all you said it would be great for me. I try to file it off of the back of my heel and ball of my bigger toe. If this works as you say Im down for trying it out.