ModelCo Lip Oil Review - A Super Lightweight Shine

Hi everyone! Mary Kate here, today with a lip product!
I am going to be showing you a new lip gloss I'm using, ModelCo Lip Oil. Here are my thoughts and experience:
✨It's nice! The feel is not heavy or sticky - super light.
🖌Not much color here, but if you want a clear gloss, either to wear alone or layer over other lipsitcks for some shine, this is great!
💭Overall: love it and would recommend! 
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  • Sheryl Stephan

    I like this. My lips seem to always be dry. Lip oil might work. Plus the shine is nice

  • Andrea Reisert

    Looks amazing. My lips are always dry

  • Adaria Johnson

    I'd like to wear it over my lipstick to kuck it up a notch or two making my lips so luxuriously Awesome

  • Crystal Cooper

    I like you said it was really lightweight because some glosses are so thick and heavy and make you look like you just got finished eating greasy fried food. I'd love to try that one!!

  • Nicole Hoffman

    Did this have any flavor or scent at all? I like my lip glossies/oils to have a sweet taste.

  • Brittany Miranda

    I love lip oils.

  • MELINDA Collins

    I love lip gloss love to wear it plain most of the time. Sometimes natural is better

  • Susan Mealer

    I love lip gloss that is either tinted and/or have a bold color. I love to add a slight shine on top of lipstick for a pop to enhance my entire look!

  • jessica powell

    I'm not a huge lip gloss fan because they can be sticky, but if I find a lip gloss I love I usually put it on top of my lipstick to add some extra color & shine!

  • Shauna Gholson

    I love to wear lip gloss over my lipstick to give it that extra pizaz!

  • Chelli counts

    Awesome thanks for the review of this lipgloss I definitely want to try it keep up the good work and have a great day and holiday season and let's bring the new year some good luck

  • Susan F

    I love lightweight sheer lip gloss. Cannot stand sticky ones. I would love to try this one.

  • Patricia

    Would love to try this product, almost every single lip gloss that I ever tried is sticky some more than others, I just can't stand my hair getting stuck to my lips, thanks for the helpful review, will look into it!

  • Ann Gray

    I would love to try this ModelCo lip oil. Most lip glosses I try are sticky,and feel heavy,so a product that is lightweight would be perfect!!

  • Hallie

    My lip gloss/balm must not be sticky or tacky. I don't want glitter or any kind of roughness. It is all about being moisturized, hydrated, and having soft lips.

  • Michele lehman

    I like to wear shimmering lip gloss


    My favourite liogloss is from essence with a light pink shine

  • Jennifer Hall

    I love it. I love to try basically any lip gloss I see. You never know which ones rock and which ones just arent for you.

  • sally peabody

    Love it and well done. This is a product I would you to achieve several different looks. I think a dark nude or mauve lip liner or chubby stick with a thicker definition will shape the lips nicely under this oil. Over any lipstick will add shine or a satiny finsh without the heavy feel of lip gloss. It gives you a pouty look alone and I like that. Very nice product !!

  • Christy Sargent

    Would love to try! Lip gloss is a daily essential for me! Love the shine as well as the glam look!

  • Mandy Fleetwood

    I haven't really used lip oil a lot, except for when my lips are becoming extremely dry, however I believe that I will try to use it a little more frequently if I were to purchase one as lovely as you have made this one seem. Thanks Mary Kate!!

  • Hope grant

    I love your lip gloss it's beautiful and sexy but I never try this one out but I will definitely give it a try do it come with any other color.

  • Ja-Nee

    Awesome video! I absolutely LOVE lipgloss! It's the best. My favorite way to wear gloss depends on the color. If it's a sparkling lipgloss,

  • Venessa

    Yes a nice gloss like this would look amazing over a dark matte lip

  • Ashley Hunt

    I will always be a gloss girl! I love wearing gloss over any matte liquid lip as well as alone by itself! Love any Plumping gloss even more! My favorite at the moment is Iconic London Plumping Lip Gloss!

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