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This was originally intended to be a full review for J’s hair and mine, but she has been sick for the past few days so her hair is getting some serious puff action. I have however, tried on her hair as a leave-in conditioner, in combination with our favorite moisturizer and her hair has felt incredibly soft. J’s review is on pause for now until she is 100% and once again ready for her wash day regimen.
I’ve tried the Oyin Handmade Hair Dew as a leave-in on wet hair, to revive my wash and go on dry/damp hair and I LOVED it all the way around. I’ve had the hardest time keeping my hands out of my hair this week- more so than normal– because I loved the way it felt! I was super skeptical about trying this leave-in because of my less than favorable feelings about coconut oil for my hair, and my awkward relationship with castor oil– but I’m SOO happy I didn’t let my hesitations hold me back. I. AM. IN. LOVE!!
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The Good: 

This is pure awesomeness in a jar. The consistency, the way it made my hair feel, the way it played well with others, and the smell. Oh that smell. I can’t figure out if its sugar cookies, ginger bread, or somewhere in between. Its definitely a fragrance you would find in a bakery.
The product application was magical. When I applied the Hair Dew to my wet/damp hair, it drank it right up. My fingers glided through my curls like nobody’s business and I promise you my hair felt like clouds. Despite it having a high oil content (castor, olive, and coconut), my hair wasn’t oily AT ALL. I really love how lightweight it is, which gives me the confidence to reapply daily. Its super moisturizing so I probably didn’t need to, but I was so happy with the experience that I had to try and try again to assure myself that I wasn’t dreaming. Nope, real life
The Bad
This is usually where I side eye the price point of a product, but coming from a leave in conditioner that retails $20.00, $13.99 is a gem. Pricey for an 8 oz bottle? Perhaps. Worth the splurge? Without a doubt. I actually caught a sale on CurlMart and copped the product for $11.19; definitely a win.
The Truth:
I want to get through this bottle before I make the decision to totally replace my current leave in, even though it gives it a run for its money. I loved using this in my L.O.C routine and it pairs beautifully with my favorite moisturizer and styler. I can absolutely say that I am having a love affair with Oyin Hair Dew and I want to see more of it. Round two? Yes please! 
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