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MONAT to the MF'n rescue!!

Hey Everyone! I wanna talk to you about a special product line! It's called *Monat, and they have a lot to offer! Now my baby sister introduced me to the line of products and she actually sells the products online. She sent me a bunch of samples to try before I buy because all of the products are out of my budget and I had to know that they were worth it. And they ARE. 

My favorite product I have tried is the* MONAT REJUVABEADS SPLIT END MENDER. 

THis is exactly what I need in my life. As you can see from my post I have horrendous hair with hella split ends but only after a single use my split ends are literally damn near repaired. Its magic I'm telling you. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals it is completely cruelty-free and 100% vegan and the first ingredient in the stuff is water so that's can hit up my sister sammy at to get hooked up with more information. She can also get you hooked up with any Monat products that you may want to try.

Thank you for viewing!

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  • Susan

    I could certainly use this product. Thank you for the review. I have never heard of this product.

  • Samantha


  • Wade

    Wow I could totally use this stuff

  • Amanda Lingle

    My cousin also actually sells this stuff also. She had a before and after picture of how long her hair grew from one of the products for monat. I was amazed at seeing the pictures. Its a product i really want to try also..