I HAD to play with my Holographic star glitter again! So, I came up with this "Glam Rock" halo eye look. Very dark, but with a pop of glitter!

 I used a cream black shadow as the base for Urban Decays "Clash",a super black matte shade from the Troublemaker palette. I then used "Bailout" and "7&7" to smoke out the black. I liner my whole eye with Maybelline Tattoo Studio gel liner in black as well. 

 I then took a wet brush and applied Space Case Cosmetics shadow in "Intense Stargasm" to create that halo effect on top and under the eye. After, I patted on some silver glitter liner over the silver shadow to really make it shine. Also, I used Duo Lash glue to adhere the silver stars under my eyes.

  To top it all off, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters from the Aurora palette on my browbone and Younique's 4D mascara(which is great by the way!) on my lashes. These false lashes are from Dollar Lash Club in the style "Cassie". I love how it came out! What do y'all think!?

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  • Crystal Thompson

    Girl I am so serious when I say you really are absolutely gorgeous 🙌😍 your eyes are exotic ..you did amazing and very creative I'm trying to get to where u are one day with practice I have faith lol thanks for sharing luv! 💗