Morphe and Saweetie Collab Festival Vibes for Real!

I absolutely love everything about the new collab from Morphe and Saweetie. Definitely gives out festival vibes for the season!!! Collection came with a palette, brush set with bag, gloss set and a peach setting spray. Price was extremely affordable and since I recieve emails from Morphe I recieved a 20% off coupon that was added to my order. The palette is beyond gorgeous and even has a star highlight as you can see on my look. The glosses are sparkly and not extremely sticky,which make them very comfortable to wear. Pressed glitters in the palette are some of the best ive used very comfortable and wears extremely well 💜 Brushes were gorgeous of course as always Morphe brushes are amazing these are no exception! Packaging is festival vibes for real even the bag that the brushes came in can be used for festival season! Its clear neon orange and can wear around waist without having to worry about carrying a purse.  Then the setting spray smells delicious like a sweet peach 🍑 and makes your makeup stay in place even during the humidity of the summer! I know since Covid-19 is going on and Festival Season is on hold this collection will still brighten your summer. Be bright be different be extra is my motto and this collection definitely helps with that 💋💜🔥

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