Must Have Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen!

Summer is here, and the UV light is stronger than ever (at least it is here in Arizona). UV exposure has a powerful attack on our skin, creating damages that can range from premature wrinkles to skin cancer! Damage from UV exposure is cumulative and increases your skin cancer risk over time. While your body can repair some of the DNA damage in skin cells, it can't repair all of it. So we need to protect our skin starting NOW!

I've been looking for the perfect sunscreen, from high-end expensive ones to drugstore ones. And I've finally found the one that has it all! Supergoop has many types of sunscreen on their website but my favorite one it the everyday PLAY sunscreen (fit for body and face). It not only is lightweight and moisturizes like lotion does it also has SPF50. The 7.5 floz is the perfect size to bring to a beach, although they are coming out with 5.5floz instead. 

I love that it is lightweight and absorbs away into my skin, leaving my skin glowing and protected!

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