My Affordable FAB FIND for Easy, Wavy Pool/Beach Hair!

🌊This stuff is awesome😍! If you want instant beachy waves, spray some of this Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe spray into your damp hair, scrunch your hair up with your hands and voila! Gorgeous, beach waves without actually hitting the beach 🌊

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  • Anna hudson

    I have very heavy course hair a lot of the products like this don't work for me any ideas or know anyone with course thick that has used this my hair is wavy too but its heavy and goes straight down?

  • Rachel

    Not Your Mother’s is my favorite Dry Shampoo. I love that you can buy full size in 3 packs now! I stock up!

  • sally peabody

    I love this idea. My hair is fine and straight and it needs a beachy pick me up !!

  • Melissa Griffith

    I love this stuff. There dry shampoo is really good as well.

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