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My at Work look ❤

So of course I pulled this look off the day that daylight savings ended because I had an extra hour! So instead of sleeping I was wide awake so I decided to beat my face ❤ Anyways to create my look like im all that look as one girl said 😜 I used Hank and Henrys Beauty palette called Living In Color, also the brands Longwear Liquid Eyeliner which im absolutely obsessed with!!! He is such an amazing person that actually cares for his consumers so I highly recommend 😍 Then to finish out the look I added Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara then popped on one of Kylies Lip Kits. After I set my face with Jeffree Starr of course then headed to work at 4:20am like who even does their makeup everyday at this time lol.

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