My Collection: Clarins Joli Rouge


Hi all! Clarins has been a long time favorite brand of mine. I’m literally ALWAYS sharing it on my Instagram--whether it be their creams, eyeliner, or lipsticks! I’m here today to share with you my collection of 3 different lipsticks in their Joli Rouge line--two reds (one glossy and one matte) and one plum!


In order:

Clarins Joli Rouge 742: In my opinion, this one is the most versatile, and can be worn in day time and night. The gloss and shine in this one makes it extremely feminine, and especially looks wonderful when worn with simple/subdued colors that are closer to white tones.

Clarins Joli Rouge 744S: This is a beautiful plum perfect for pulling together a makeup look. Personally, I would pair this with a very subtle eye look to make sure it really pops. If you desire to wear it in the Spring, pair it a pastel color like lavender!

Clarins Joli Rouge 742V: This matte lipstick is beautiful and dramatic, and could work great for daytime looks especially.


Hope you guys enjoyed this and found at least one shade that you’d like to try out soon!




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