My daily skincare routines before I even get to do my makeup

I have been using this for a few days but I have not used the face gem face wash and the rice cleansing sorbet yet but I will use it for my nighttime skincare routine before I go to bed that is when I get ready to wash my face in the evening and also in the morning but not as often as I can but I really like the products I have been using so far the packaging is simple and easy to read and it doesn't take away from the look of the products I have found the products to be easy to use and I like the scents of the products it is earthy and sudtle and not overly powerful and I am very happy with the products and the easy application of the products and I am definitely recommending my friends and family to try the product samples and as a mom I don't get alot of time to do my makeup and hair or skincare routines or just have a me time to pamper myself so I can see how easy the products are for me to take care of myself and my skincare routines thank you so much prisom pop for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to try new products and share my thoughts and reviews on this platform and with other people who loves skincare routines and makeup like me and I am very grateful for the opportunity and openness to try New things and care about what I say and the support of the community is welcoming to me 

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  • Paige Mitchell

    As someone super new to makeup so like ultra new to skincare I found this ridiculously helpful in maybe finding my own routine!