My Face Shaver for Ladies - goodbye peach fuzz!! 🍑

Ladies, if your peach fuzz is getting a little too fuzzy, do not be afraid to try facial hair removal!
There's lots of ways to get rid of peach fuzz... you can wax or shave or try a hair removal cream but this is what I've been preferring lately!
This product is a very cool and cute epilator by Dermaflash and it's on Amazon so it's easy to find.
The price however is a bit steep - about $200.
But it does come with blade replacements for a few months and 2 skincare products to help the hair come off smoothly and pain-free.
Make sure not to shave off your eyebrows 🤓
What's your peach fuzz situation? Do you use anything to remove & how often?
Ladies, would you try a product like this to remove facial hair? (No shade to the dudes, we just all know men have plenty of interesting electric razors that AREN'T pink 😜)
LMK, and thanks for watching my PrismPop! 😁

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