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MY FAVORITE FACE MASK (and a runner-up) #glowmask

My favorite mask (and my runner-up) ❤️
⭐️ NOTE: as winter is approaching, I am sharing my favorite masks for cold weather (even though these masks are great enough to use year-round)


Glamglow's BerryGlow mask is amazing! It's a probiotic recovery mask that looks and smells like yogurt! I know it's tempting, but don't eat it 🤪 

What does it do? Exactly what it claims to, helps your skin recover! It nourishes your skin's barrier and leaves it glowing! 

How does it do it? It calls on its own little army of superfoods to come to your skin's defense. It's militia includes beet root, hibiscus flower, jojoba oil and a wide variety of berries that are stuffed full of antioxidants! 

HOW I USE IT: I keep mine in the fridge so that it goes on my face and feels so cooling! I apply an even layer on my face and then relax for about 10 minutes. I use a tissue to remove the excess mask, then I pat in the essence left behind. 
MY RESULTS: This mask makes my skin feel AND look amazing. My skin is supple and bright and I feel like I have a built-in filter for my face. I have to thank  mother nature's cold air, and my central heat's dry air, for making my checks and chin appear patchy and dry in the winter, and my GlowBerry mask wards that off. They don't stand a chance against GlamGlow, for this face right here 💪🏻

🥁My runner-up mask is 🥁


This mask is a clay mask, which I am a real sucker for. My face always looks and feels so clean, purified and awake after I use it.

WHAT DOES IT DO?  It helps your skin battle against signs of aging and fatigue, kind of like owning your own little tub sized fountain of youth!

How does it do it? This mask channels so many helpful ingredients to satisfy your skin's need for a reset. Ingredients such as white clay, shea butter, blue algae and red seaweed!

These are my top favorite masks!! Are either of these masks on YOUR list? What are your favorite masks? I love hearing what others use!, just as much as I love trying new things ❤️❤️

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  • Pauline

    Want to try this Glam Glow product and hope to find it available in Rewards. I only hope Prismpop keeps filling up product for us to select and redeem when we are ready to check out. A lot of empty 0 Left where product is left.

  • Marija

    I have few masks I like to use. To find out which pls check out my posts. Thank you

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