My favorite products for accentuating my eyes

As you can see in the photo without makeup, my eyes are nearly non-existent without a little cosmetic assistance. I have Hazel eyes but like most people with Hazel eyes, at times they appear more green and at other times they appear more brown in color. I've always been told that my eyes were my biggest asset by friends who said they felt they could see all the way to my soul when looking into my eyes. Being a firm believer that one should work with what they've got, I set out to find a way to change these eyes from non-existent to eyes that I felt would not only help my overall appearance, but would perhaps also help me feel more confident in looking people in the eyes when speaking to them. 
Throughout the years I have made MANY mistakes (that are unfortunately still captured on film) when it comes to choosing the most flaterring colors and even more mistakes in applying eye makeup appropriately. I had to learn the hard way that less is most definitely more, especially as you get older. For this reason, the moment my daughter decided she wanted to start wearing makeup, I immediately took her to a professional to teach her how to properly apply cosmetics.
I love the products that I have pictured above, which are the products that I used in each of the other photos I posted, to show what a significant difference they have made in helping to accentuate my eyes and vastly improve my overall self confidence. Women ask me pretty often what eyeshadow palette that I use and when I mention these products so many tell me they have never heard of them so I wanted to share them with my fellow PrismPop members in case some of you might like to try them.
The eyeshadow quad in the top photo is Bora Bora by Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. 
It has four fun colors: Turquoise, Copper, Deep Brown & Bronze. They offer a number of reallly nice eyeshadow quads so if you haven't before, you should check them out at product in the bottom right corner is made by MICA cosmetics. It is one of many amazing shimmer powders that they offer. This particular one is 72 Earth. You can check out the others here:

I like wearing the Turquoise on my lids with the copper color on my brown bone and finishing the look by highlighting the inside corner of my eyes and right at the brow line with a light touch of the MICA shimmer powder. I like to bring out the green in my eyes and this shadow combo always does the trick, while the shimmer powder in the inner corners really makes them pop. I'm blessed with long & thick lashes so finishing it up with my go to mascara, Lash Love by Mary Kay, shade- I ♥ Black, really sets the look off. 
I hope this post might encourage anyone who may not have been familiar with these cosmetic companies before to check them out and see all the amazing products they have to offer.

Stay beautiful ladies and let us never forget how important it is that we support one another in this often crazy world. God bless!


Left to right: Mica Cosmetics Shimmer Powder 72 Earth, Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Bora Bora eyeshadow quad: Copper, Turquoise,  Deep Brown and Bronze

Left to right: MICA Cosmetics Shimmer Powder 72 Earth, Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Bora Bora Eyeshadow quad: Copper, Turquoise, Deep Brown and Bronze

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  • Naf

    I love the colors, seem very pigmented!

  • Kelly K

    Great review!!! You look beautiful!! Love the pretty shades of eyeshadow you used. Your eyes do pop more when you apply the different make up.

  • Sabrina

    Yeah that's amazing. I've seen the same with people with hazel eyes. The makeup really makes them pop. They seem larger and green. What a wonderful way to accentuate them. I've never heard of MICA the brand but there colors have a beautiful shimmer! The Bora Bora quad is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to future posts. 💜