My first ever BOXYCHARM ! Is it worth the $25 a month?

     Y'all know me for My Allure Beauty Box show and tells, BUT May's box looked a lil dull to me (No makeup!) So I decided to switch it up a lil bit and got myself a BOXYCHARM subscription instead. I gotta admit, I am pleasantly suprised with my box .🤓 This is what was inside ( I will be doing individual reviews for all of these products)

1) ELEMIS SUPERFOOD VITAL VEGGIE MASK-  formulated with avocado and broccoli seed oils, rich in Omega fatty acids to help support the skin moisture barrier. Vitamin C in passion fruit acids help brighten for a fresh looking complexion. Full sized recieved: $35!


3) Koh Gen Do CLEANSING SPA WATER WIPES-  quickly and gently removes makeup leaving nutrients to replenish and rejuvenate skin. A quick and easy skin care collection infused with thermal spring water and natural herbs in our spa blend water to protect and nurture skin. 10 wipes for $17!

4) BUTTER LONDON (Natural goddess) EYESHADOW PALLET- Just a beautiful pallet with 6 amazing shades full pallet recieved $32!

5) OFRA LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK(SANTORINI) Beautiful Pink color worth a whopping $20!!!

This subscription was totally worth it! I loved the variety of products🤓 and hey I also subscribed to birchbox and I will be uploading those videos shortly, so stay on the lookout!

Thank you for viewing! Do you rock this box? Any likes or dislikes? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below to score some coin! See you later ✌



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