My First Tester Bag - Color Club is changing my polish game!

I was so excited to get my PrismPop Color Club tester bag last week! There's only a couple things I like better than getting free stuff and one of them is nail color! So I started out with a complete mani-pedi, cutting, filing, cuticles...the works!  I did my toes first, and for them I chose Matte-rial Girl. It goes the best with my new This is a gorgeous color and for a little extra sparkle, I did the tips of each nail in Yes, of Quartz. Then I did my fingernails in Feeling Under the Weather, doing my ring fingers in Cobbler Gobbler. These colors looked great together and I was very pleased with the over all look. The next day, I applied a coat of the Quartz over the Cobbler, but the Quartz wasn't as opaque as I thought it was, so you couldn't really tell there was color under it.  After a couple days, I  redid my fingernails,  this time with Marianas Martian Martian and Yes of Quartz on my ring fingers. I really like the Martian green. I'm not sure how to describe it, kinda somewhere between forest green and army green...anyway, I think it's my favorite. Now, about the brand, Color Club...I got my first Color Club polish in an Ipsy bag, before that I'd never heard of it. I really liked it because I loved the brush style. It's a little shorter than most and for me, easier to control. I didn't make anywhere near the mess I usually make, I barely had to clean up around my nails at all. Also, depending on the shade (the Martian green being a good example) you only need one coat. That's amazing coverage! My toenails have been done almost a week, and they still look like I just did them. Usually, by day 2 I have already begun to chip my fingernails but I'm on day 3 and can't find a single chip! Mind you, this is ONE COAT (plus clear topcoat coat) ONE! This is why I'm saying Color Club is changing my polish game for real...the shades are amazing, the wear is incredible and the value is awesome! I just want to thank PrismPop for allowing me this opportunity to learn about this amazing product.!

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