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My Keracolor Purple Klenditioner

So has anyone wanted to do something fun with there hair, but not wanted the commitment or damage?  Well, I have.  I've been seeing a lot of people sporting bold hair colors from turquoise to lime.  My fear is going the permanent route and either hating it or it just really frying my hair.  ( I lived through Cosmetology School and we fried our hair with a new color practically every other week!). Which brings me to a neat product called Keracolor.  It's a cleansing conditioner and it deposits color.  You can leave it on your hair from 3-20 minutes.  Each application, the color will be more saturated depending on how long you leave it on.  Obviously, this only deposits and will not lighten my natural hair at all.  It also comes with a neat intensely colored gel puck that I can apply to my hair to amp up the color, but it only lasts until you're next wash.  When I first applied this, I was a little apprehensive and only left it on for 10 minutes.  I have since then, applied it one other time and left it on for the 20 minutes.  In the picture, is what level of deposit I'm at now.  I like this product as it makes my hair feel really conditioned.  If I change my mind, I just stop using it and a few washes later it will be out.  I must stress, if your hair is on the dryer side and more porous, it may take a lot darker and will take a bit longer to wash out!  So what are your thoughts??

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  • Danie Bates

    Love this color on you! Also thanks for the info on a great alternative to damaging dyes. Didn’t know this existed and love the fact it’s a conditioner!

  • nicole bowers

    WOOHOO! I love your great video! Thanks for sharing all the helpful product details that will allow me to make an informed purchase decision!

  • Jennie

    Oh I really wanna try this. Big trend starting.

  • Anna hudson

    Pretty color ,I'd love to try,I so hear you girl about cosmetology and frying your hair,I was called the Guinea pig lol!

  • sally peabody

    I have thought about but never tried.But it looks great. Not purple more Burgundy. If it is conditioning I would try it. My hair is very thin straight and blonde. I do color the roots and do low-lights every so often. I have never gone dark. I should try it out...this sounds like the best way. Thank you great info !!