My little bunny yesterday!

My daughter yesterday! We still had a great Easter in quarantine, just the 3 of us but others on FaceTime! I hope everyone got to spend their Easter with someone they Love! 

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  • Kelly K

    Your daughter is so cute and looks like she is very excited it was Easter!!! I have 4 kids of my own plus one on the way. Hope you had a great Easter!!!🐰 PS could you please follow me back? Thanks hun!

  • Adaria Johnson


  • Melissa Griffith

    Your daughter is adorable. I did the same thing with my daughter. . She actually enjoyed hunting eggs by herself because she got all the eggs.lol The Easter bunny brought her a new puppy and she said it was the best Easter ever. Kids are so amazing and truly appreciate the small things in life and I am sure your daughter will always remember and cherish this Easter. Hopefully this will all be over soon and they can have a normal Easter next year.