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Be Cosmic Crystal Liquid Lip

Recently I was introduced to Beauty By Popsugar.  I fell instantly in love!  This Prismatic Lip Topper Refelects and Amplifies surrounding light.  You can wear it by itself or on top of your favorite lip color.  It truly brings out my inner unicorn šŸ¦„!  What do you guys think??

I’m sharing 4 lip products from @beautybypopsugar .  All three of these lip products are so beneficial.  Without further adieu, let me tell you about them :

•Be Calm Lip Save- this little number is totally totable !  It’s a great essential lip product that soothes the most parched lips. You can use it as : an overnight sleeping mask for your lips, on your dry cuticles and elbows, or as minty aromatherapy for yourself behind your mask - I’m not judging šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£.

•Be Racy Liquid Velvet Lip- Who hates it when your lip color cracks, splits, and feathers?? šŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļø. This matte lip color offers a bold color payoff to bring out your inner Vixen!  It contains a tad of lip oil to hydrate your pucker and special polymers to lock that color down.  Say buh bye to dry cracking lip color of yesteryear and say Hello to smooth and velvety lips! šŸ’‹šŸ’‹

•Be The Boss Lip Gloss- show of hands: How many Of you Goddesses out there hate it when your hair gets stuck in your lipgloss on a windy day?? šŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļø šŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļøšŸ™‹šŸ¼‍ā™€ļø
This non-sticky lipgloss has you covered!  You get a 100% if the shine without your lips being hair-bait.  It has a hint of nourishing lip oil to keep your hydrated.  Use a little to keep your look au naturale or apply in layers to build up to the intensity you desire.  You do you!! So have you tried @beautybypopsugar ?  What are your faves?? Let me know in the comments:


Beauty By Popsugar Lip Products

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  • Rowi

    This brand looks amazing I never had the chance to try them!Please Watch my videos and comment too becouse Iā€™m new in the community and I need some support šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

  • Pauline

    I will always love and use popsugar type lip glosses. Glad this one avail. Beauty by Popsugar. I sometimes use them alone or over lipsticks. Hope to see in Rewards to redeem.