My New Go To Lip Scrub

**I Really Love That It's Vegan & Cruelty Free **

Three Simple & Natural Ingredients! 

1. Avacado Oil 👏

2. Shea Butter

3. SUGAR!!!!! 

It Immediately Made My Lips Feel Soft & Clean, Ready As Well As Voluptuous! 😙✨

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  • theresa

    wow only 3 ingredients it looks natural organic no bad products in it you know what your getting . im trying to find more products that have natural ingriedients in it

  • Sabrina

    That's all the ingredients?! I would seriously try this! I love natural products. Thanks for the share. 💜

  • sally peabody

    I am getting ready to review the products i just received in the PrismPop gift. I love this product. I needed it so badly. what difference in the feel of my lips. Sincerely love it...the hrdration and smoothing is incredible. I do not even remove it. the sugar dissolves and the oils just stay on them. My lips look and feel so much better. Great review on a fantastic product !!

  • Gigi G

    Did you make this yourself? I followed you, btw! 😁

  • Sarah

    I absolutely love lip scrubs! They do such a great job of getting old dried up skin off and making your lips nice and smooth

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