My Nighttime Skincare Routine (for When I’m Breaking Out)!

Hi Prismpop!
In this video, I’ll show you my 5-step nighttime skincare routine for when I’m breaking out! 
I have oily, acne-prone skin, so I have designated products to treat my breakouts. 

Step one: Even when I’m not breaking out, I like to remove most of my makeup with a makeup remover wipe. One of my go-to makeup removers are Simple’s Makeup Wipes! Simple is a great brand for sensitive skin and good for all skin types. These particular wipes even have the strength to remove waterproof mascara! 

Step two: Now that most of my makeup is removed (but not all), I thoroughly cleanse my skin with a gentle, yet effective, cleanser. There are many brands out there that provide decent cleansers such as Purlisse!
This Purlisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk gently removes makeup but also tones & soothes, and it’s good for all skin types.
This cleansing milk includes blue lotus which is an antioxidant known for anti-inflammatory benefits, white tea to soothe skin, soy milk that’s rich in amino acids & maintains skin elasticity, and whole oat to calm and soothe sensitive skin. 👶🏻

Step three: Toner! I juggle between a few different timers, but when I’m dealing with breakouts then I really like to use something that will help my skin exfoliate, like Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. This contains salicylic acid and is OK for all skin types. This product unclogs pores and smooths & evens skin tone. The bottle says this is OK to use up to two times each day, but I opt to only use it at night 3-4 times a week. 🗓

Step 4: Time for treatment serums & creams! Like my toners, I juggle between a few different ones depending on what I’m treating my skin for. For breakouts, I just started using Derm7+ Acne Clearifying Cream. 👀
The bottle doesn’t say much about the product ingredients, but I do know that it was formulated by a celebrity esthetician named Erica Carey. Erica specializes in skin of people of color who suffer from the worst acne you can imagine. I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to get a facial from Erica, and she sent me home with a sample of this Acne clearifying cream! I recently purchased a full jar, and for the month that I’ve been using it, it’s been working! 💕

Step five: No matter what, whether you wear makeup or not, whether you complete my steps 3 & 4 or not, you MUST do this each and every night - MOISTURIZE! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. 🧴
When I told a bunch of influencers my age one day, they asked what my secret was to look younger than I am. The true answer is: my oily skin! ✨
Oil preserves the skin, and if it’s your natural skin oils keeping your skin dewy, then even better. And although oily skin is already naturally moisturized in a sense, you’ll still need to use a moisturizer.
I told them to, especially if they had dry skin, use hydrating serums and ALWAYS moisturize (day & night). 💦
In this video, I use High Beauty’s High Five Cannabis Facial Moisturizer! It’s formulated with 20% Cannabis Sativa Oil (free of THC) and helps calm, soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin! 💚

There you have it! That’s my nighttime skincare routine for when I’m breaking out! Most of these products you can use even when you’re not breaking out, but a couple of them are GREAT for when you are. 
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  • Flor

    Great review, I always use products for sensitive skin. Worth it since I don't redness.

  • Bre Walker

    Cool video! I don't really use products geared towards sensitive skin, but I love Aveeno to keep my skin moisturized during the winter.

  • Mariangel Carmona

    Great routine! I just wash my face in the morning and nothing else, in the night I use all steps, that is the only way I've seen my maskne has been at bay.

  • roselyn Verkouille

    This sounds great and would come in handy during road trips which i love to take alot.

  • Kalgi Dave

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree with makeup wipes they’re way too stripping and irritating for your skin. Instead Why don’t you try double cleansing with a cleansing balm they’re easily available almost the same price as makeup wipes and much gentle on your skin. You can try Banila clean it zero. Makeup wipes clog your pores and rip apart your skin’s moisture barrier causing you to breakout more often and have acne. Instead cleansing balm will remove almost 90% of your makeup as it emulsifies and breaks down all the makeup and once you’ve done that you can easily clean it with your cleanser.

  • Rita Whirls

    I like sticking to a routine. This routine sound great.Nice post, great information. I'll have to give these products a try.

  • Rachelle Collins

    Great content

  • Rachelle Collins

    I’d love to try this great ideas

  • Deanna Straub

    Great video!

  • Stacey Inocencio

    Loved your video! I don't get break-out's anymore but I love to use the Simple products especially the wipes even if I'm not wearing makeup I still like to feel clean when I go to bed - take the day's worries away and sleep fresh!

  • Jessica Dew

    My favorite things to use during dry skin season are aveeno oatmeal bath and aveeno lotion. Those seem to always help my skin. And carmex for my lips. Totally gross but a lifesaver!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Loved the video and I have tried the Aveeno moisturizer and Simple wipes they are both good products. I would be interested in trying the other products except the acne one because I don't have acne.

  • Rukhsana

    my favorite product for sensitive skin will be any good brand micellar water such as garnier, biore, simple. it must say for sensitive skin and is its rose water based, thats just perfect!.. rose water is very calming on the skin. and helps fight and heal acne and blemishes. i dont hink cold/hot weather is the question. the question is how does your skin react to such weathers.. if you get dried skin then use every product that is thirst quenching such as tatcha, drunk elephant, dermalogica. if you get very oily skin then use moisturise that dont add oil such as olay, aveeno. you must never stop moisturizing.

  • Sherri Foster

    I have dry skin thus my nighttime routine is much different than this. However, for the occasional breakout I find spot treating with OXY MAXIMUM ACTION spot treatment 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to be quite effective for me. If the site is extremely red and inflamed, I will add a touch of hydrocortisone cream to area to help reduce the inflammation and ease discomfort.

  • Pauline

    I agree organic and natural as possible with less chemicals. I am currently using Ponds detox foaming cleanser. Maybe all of us will talk about Pond's sometime. Liked all your products. I especially like Aveeno products the most. I felt the lotion is the best for absorbing dryness for dry skin and a good moisturizer and protectant.

  • Martika Sweet

    I love this! I’ve recently been looking into a good skincare routine. The step by step on this is great! I have found a couple great products that I use daily. I really enjoy the Belif Aqua bomb, the name literally says it all. I also love the Anastasia Dry Oil. I use both after I have cleaned my face and showered, sometimes even I’m the morning when I wake up! I definitely would love to find a better routine, add-take away products depending on how well this works! Thanks for the advice/your experience! I’ve never heard of some of these products! I’m definitely going to look into trying them! Your skin is glowing! ✨

  • Michelle McCray

    Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is a must-have, it does wonders for dry sensitive skin. A Great skin Care Routine fabulous 🥰

  • Elli

    Was very informative, thank you

  • Bonita kasee

    Great routine, and I always moisture, as many times as possible in 1 day, I'm a firm believer in moisturizer, thanks for the information

  • Cecilia

    I'm very anxious to try this.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great night time breakout routine!! I really enjoyed the video and the total written explanation. I usually exfoliate my skin about 3 times a week to prevent breakouts. But I do have a regular routine of skincare I use every night. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tammy

    You mentioned alot that I need to try thank you very informative.

  • Chrissy

    Once I use up some of what I already have I'm going to get the Paula's Choice 2% bha. I don't have acne but do have blackheads, especially now on my nose. This seems to be a products recommended over and over again. 👍

  • Angela Keen

    I don’t really have a nighttime ritual and this video looks like this is easy, and I would love to try