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My Thoughts on the Green Clean Balm from Farmacy

I recommend it to all cleansing balm beginners because...
 It is easy to use
✨It rinses clean
It does the job of removing makeup
I really enjoy the lime sorbet scented balm. Just a Little Green for #farmacyfridays. 

Disclaimer: Farmacy sent me this Green Clean, which is their cult famous cleansing balm.

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  • Sylvia Foster

    Looks nice.

  • Emma

    I've heard great things about the Farmacy Cleaning Balm. Would love to try it.

  • Caer

    I have always struggled with every makeup removing product I used, everything I have tried either would always make me break out or not remove my makeup as it should. I originally bought this product last year for my trip to Mexico so I wouldn't have to take a lot of makeup remover wipes with me. Ever since then I have been hooked and stopped buying makeup remover wipes (which are terrible for the environment anyways). Even my mascara comes off easily with this product. It also smells lovely! My skin feels so soft when using this. This really removes all of your makeup, waterproof. Hygienic packaging, melts beautifully, no residue, and amazing scent!!! Try it out yourself, this is now my gold standard for makeup removal. No more makeup wipes for me.

  • Katy Gutridge

    One of the best facial cleansers balms on the market.!! Seriously hands down it works best on my eye area takes of my mascara in less than a minute, and very little hair loss. Best cleansing balm ever definitely recommend farmacy green clean cleansing balm and very cherry cleaning balm you won’t regret.!!!!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    looks so amazing, I have heard nothing but great things from this company.

  • Pauline

    Green Clean Melt Away sounds effective and really removes all that makeup. Thanks for this product post review.

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I don't care for oil or balm cleansers. I always do a dual cleanse when I use them, but I still feel like there is residue left over. Also my extremely sensitive eyelashes, that are already prone to styes because of a condition called blepharitis, get congested and inflamed. People swear by this, and I have tried it. It's just not for me.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Sounds really nice. Would love to try this.

  • Barbie

    Seems to be a brand that is getting much praise. But I can see why. How cool. This scent sounds lovely. I love fruity products and ones that actually work. I need to try this.

  • Nicole Robinson

    I have to give Farmacy Green Clean a shot it sounds like such a wonderful product. I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts recently about it and everyone loves it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing very grateful I read this!!

  • Shelly Jacquez

    Amazing. I love easy make up removers. Working at a hospital is stressful and coming home at 12am is even worse so I need quick and easy! Thank you!

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