My YSL Beauty (Slim Sheer Matte) Collection!

Hi lovelies! Reporting to you fresh from doing my daily, light quarantine makeup to finish things off with a lip color! This time, I’m showing you all three of the YSL Slim Sheer Matte’s that I have.
As you can see, all of them are sheer enough to be worn atop a super pigmented lip, or natural and subtle enough to be worn on their own, which is what I love about these lipsticks!
From first to last:
YSL Slim Sheer Matte 107: This is a deep tone that is almost like a burnt/fiery red. It reminds me a bit of burnt pizza sauce (in a totally good way, though). This one is perfect for fall and winter, in my opinion!
YSL Slim Sheer Matte 110: A cross-seasonal and versatile one! This is a bit lighter than the 107 and is in the middle of a bright pink and dark red. This shade is somewhat in between a watermelon and a grape!
YSL Slim Sheer Matte 109: The brightest of them all. Fits right in with the neon trend going on at the moment, and is amazing for spring and summer.
Hope you all enjoyed seeing this try-on of my collection of YSL Slim Sheer Mattes.
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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    loved 110 on you these look very moisturizing.

  • Kim

    Great shade on you! I'd love to try

  • Juana

    That looks gorgeous

  • Adrienne. Armold

    Wow they look amazing

  • Micheala

    Thanks for review

  • Prerna Agarwal

    That looks gorgeous!

  • Diana

    So beautiful. Those colors are great. I also love the YSL lipstick case. So fancy. I've never used YSL before. This makes me want to try it.

  • Kate D.

    These shades are really gorgeous on you! Thank you for your thoughtful review!

  • Joyce McDaniel

    Love these colors.

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Love them all

  • Jessica

    Love the look!😊

  • Hibah

    I love these lip colors! I haven’t tried YSL products yet, but would be willing to after seeing the beautiful colors. I love a cute nude pink lipstick on my lips as it looks good on me! Thanks for this review.

  • Barbie

    Yessss. Right up my alley. I love them all. ✋✋✋🤞🤞🤞

  • Mz Rita

    i liked the 107 color! gives it a more neutral color that's perfect for any time of the day! thanks for sharing!

  • Charley

    Thanks for the nice video Malvika. I like all the colors. I love a nice coral lipstick to go with my skin tone. I really like the 110. The tube is very cute as well. Very eye catching.

  • Lisa

    Loved the video. The colors are awesome. If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be 107. Very bold but not overwhelming. The packaging is very elegant yet not pretentious. I have been using a lip color for mature women. It's great and part of the proceeds go to support amazing causes. Thanks for a great video.

  • Melissa

    All three colors look lovely on you! Thanks for the awesome little video with your review, it really made me like this product a lot! My go to is usually Loreal Lip Stain because it goes on easy, dries fast, and makes my lips look really plump.

  • Monique Roybal

    All three look beautiful in your perfect lips. U mentioned in your post the would look great on super pigmented lips. Is that natural pigment or do you use some sort of pigmentation product? Also, ur lips are perfect. I’ve been wanting to try a lip plumper but don’t know where to start! I have to watch some more PrismPop videos for those products. I loved 107 the best. I like dark colors and this was my fave. Lipstick is always a constant in my makeup routine. I just have about 30 lipsticks, lip liners and glosses in my collection to mix it up everyday. Thanks for the post!! 😊

  • Charlena

    All nice shades

  • Anabel

    Love the shades ! I wanna try!

  • Karlee

    I love all the shades, but is it a smooth application? I wish they were also a little more pigmented. I'm one to definitely want something worth my buck. Do they last all day?

  • lintu

    All of them are so beautiful ❤️ especially the first one! My favorite lipstick at this time is - EM cosmetics lip cloud liquid lipstick. It has matte finish but that I love the most is that it does not dries out lips. Plus it smells like a hot chocolate ❤️❤️

  • Ja-Nee

    OMG these are sooo pretty!! You can never have too many lipsticks!! Right now I am loving Wet N Wild Lipstick in the color Rose.It doesn't dry your lips out which is a plus.

  • Tina Marie

    I looooove all these shades but as a single momma of 2 I'll just leave thru you hehehe and just dream!! your absolutely beautiful tho and they all look fab on you!!

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