❤️#MYMASK Generation Clay Ultra Violet Purple Clay Mask ‼️

Hello my beautiful guys & gals 🥰🥰 

Let’s talk about #MyMask my favorite currently! 

** before we start if anyone could drop me a comment explaining how to add more than one photo, that would be fabulous! I want to give you guys the proper juice so we need more pics!

I’m currently using  ❤️Generation Clay Ultra Violet Purple Clay Mask 

So with any clay mask you may want to do a spot test if you have sensitive skin.  Clay tends to be strong & stings a bit when it’s pulling all the sebum and gunk out of your pores. I don’t have sensitive skin at all & this bad boy sends me to tingle town so test it out.  In this photo we are in the final stages of my mask. The consistency is thick and creamy. You will be able to spread an even layer easily across your face.  It changes colors throughout the process. It spreads on as a deep purple, turns a bit lighter, & towards the end you see how light the color turns.  I leave it on for 20 minutes.  You can feel it working into your pores.  Once we’re ready to wash it off, you’re going to want to rewet the mask & massage it into your skin. Then rinse! This leaves my skin so gorgeous & glowy!  It gives me the perfect base for my skincare & makeup routines.  I personally use this mask several times a week, as well as sheet masks & eye masks.  My favorite are these kind of spreadable masks. But I have an extensive sheet mask collection I use as well. I wanted to share them, but the photo situation 🧐

All in all, I recommend a Clay mask as part of your weekly skin care routine. This mask is very similar to other Clay masks I’ve tried. Although I love this one, it doesn’t have to be Generation Clay brand.


Happy mask hunting!

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