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Natural for us good for the earth.

This is ORGANIC products that worked out great and use very well. The eye shadow and blush and cream was all nicely packaged and easy to use and carry with you.Use your finger or brushes or both.May take a few times to get use to for some people or not for some people.Took me a little while but I did it and looked great on me.I Usally don't use dark colors and I did with these and blended it well and used the blush for cheeks and lips. The cream smelled so good and softened my body everywhere. Use it any where u want it will work great.

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    Had a blast with this one. Was hard because I haven't used cream or like dark colors. But it took all day for me to get use to it and blend my colors to where I was good with it. I might if should had did each color separate but don't think the black would of did good on me without another color. Green would of. But over all I was pleased and most blend colors anyway. And they did great blending together. Loved my pics

  • Jacqueline Fisher-Wisor

    Thank you Lynette for describing your experience with these products! I love they're organic! They look very natural nothing too bold or overwhelming. I appreciate the time and effort you spent with your review!! Great job! 😊