Natural & Naked!

I am not great at using makeup which is why I love all natual colors and makeup that enhances my natural skin color. I love Urban Decay's Naked eye shadow palettes and my favorite is the original. The original has all of the colors to create a light and airy look to a smokey eye. This Eyeshadow Palette proves that neutrals are anything but boring. I love that there is a shade range made for every skin tone (finally an inclusive makeup brand). Naked eyeshadow formula is known for high-pigment color, velvety color, and insane blendability. 

This palette is great for me because I am not great with make up application, although frineds of mine who are very talented can create amazing looks with this palette.

I enjoy the rich golden neutrals, coppery shimmers, and metallic ambers to create some shadow for a night look. 



I usually apply the darker colors (creep & smog) at the bottom of the lid then slowly lighten up with half baked, toasted and virgin. I then apply a little sin in the corner of my eyes to add a bit of light.



The final look is subtle and natural and one I wear for work and add some eyeliner for when I am going out. I literally onely need the Naked Urbam Decay palette for all of my looks and it lasts for over a year. The eyeshaow is also very light and I forget it is even on. I love keeping it natural, if you do as well you need to check out the Naked Urban Decay palette.


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  • Sylvia Foster

    Nice looking pallet, I usually go for brighter shades. But this would be a great fall set of colors. Thank you for sharing.

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