Natural Vibes Eyes

Moving on in the Natural Vibes series we have the eyes.

- Profusions Chocolates 

- Pallette Brush

- Wet-n-Wild Slanted Brush


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  • Micheala

    nice color love the review

  • Patricia Alton

    That's pretty nice, and definitely affordable! It reminds me of my e.l.f. Haute Chocolate Eyes pallette, only yours is bigger! I would a grabbed that, too, cuz I'm a nut for eyeshadow/pallettes! Nice video, thanks for sharing!

  • haku izunami

    Love love love this! thank you for that awsome demo and finding a look that is super affordable! by the way girl you are fire!!! you definitely make me want to try all of those out!

  • Sabrina

    Lmao! I love the way you're down-to-earth in your video! That's recently l exactly what I say when I see a pallette. Only $10 for all that?! What a great deal. I would like to try this. 💜